How to Brew Drip Coffee Bags in 2 min?

Interested in brewing a perfect cup of drip coffee in 2 mins without any coffee maker? Let's start!


First of all, you need:

1 Kurasu Coffee Drip Bag
Mug cup
180g Hot water


Two Minute Recipe:

1) Tear along the dotted line to open Kurasu Coffee Drip Bag


2) Pull the hangers on the side apart to spread the bag open, and push in the top part. Be careful not to spill the coffee grind.


3) Pull the hangers and place them onto the cup.


4) Pour hot water (~30g) to wet the coffee grind, and let it bloom for 30 seconds (If you have a scale, pour 30g of water.) This is a very important process to extract the sweetness and flavor.


5) 30 seconds later, pour the water (~80g) slowly and evenly to the top for another 30s.


6) 1 minute later, pour the rest of water (~70g) and let it all drip. Remove the drip bag from the cup and serve. 


The brewing process ideally should be finished in 2 minutes or so.

Enjoy your coffee now!